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UK author calls India citizenship loss ’sinister’

UK author calls India citizenship loss ’sinister’

British author and columnist Aatish Taseer, a critic of Indian PM Narendra Modi, has said the cancellation of his Indian overseas citizenship was part of a ’sinister plan’. The Indian government’s decision comes months after Taseer wrote a piece for Time magazine, heavily critical of Modi. India’s home ministry has said he tried to ’conceal information that his father was of Pakistani origin’.

Stephen 1 year

Leftist: I hate my country and everything it stands for! Country: Ok, you're not a citizen anymore. Leftist: What? No! Give it back! I want to be part of that country I hate.

Seekster 1 year

Funny thing about India doesn't have to give a crap about what British people think about how they run their county.

Mr.Vincy 1 year

He was never a citizen of India. In India one cannot hold dual citizenship, he is a citizen of the UK. So the OCI card he has been denied is normal looking at the fact that his late father was a Pakistani citizen and that the authorities were not informed of this.

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