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Mike Oliver 6 days
Ok who was the jackass who brought their drone on vacation to Iran?
NPCHunter 6 days
Who was the jackass who went on holiday to Iran?!?
I have no idea 6 days
Who was the jackass?
LXS 6 days
The biggest hyproctic jackass is the nation with the biggest jackass president.

Christopher Stone 6 days
In other news PETA calls for sanctions on Iran for murder of bird.
Christopher Stone 6 days
A PETA...always showing us how animals are more important than (some) humans...especially the humans in PETA.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
PETA declares war on Iran: unleashes waves of Feminists, SJW’s and Eco Terrorists onto their shores in a D-Day style landing.

As Told By Anakin Skywalker 6 days
and it turns out to be a UFO they shot down.
matthew 6 days
Just thinking that!
Mike Oliver 6 days
Technically not wrong. ✌️👽

Auster Maeson 6 days
Headline of the next story: Iranian drone shot down over Iranian territory.
NotACerealKiller 6 days
Iranian drone shot down over Venezuelan territory.
not the 1% 5 days
Drone was black! I swear! And armed!! And DEFINITELY NOT a teenager

not the 1% 5 days
US air defences can’t defend Saudi oil facilities.... US supplied Israeli drones can’t penetrate Iran—- why are the only successful penetrating Americans Cosby’s, Weinsteins or Epsteins??

Little Scar 5 days
I didn't mean to comment on this story.

.Tet. 6 days
That was to be expected. For their army to see it, it was most likely close to somewhat of a secure area and was shot down on assumption of spying. Common law there. This probably isn't news-worthy unless it really is a foreign owner's.