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Paul C 6 days
Very important that we get to the _bottom_ of these 25 year old allegations. Some middle aged guy may be in pain because his ass. coach at the time may or may not have done something.

Beisht Kione 6 days
That's some odd timing to dig this back up again. Odd timing indeed.

VaasDC 6 days
right after he wants to subpoena the whistleblower. interesting.

Adam Marceau 6 days
there have already been several investigations into this this is another Democrat smear because they dont like him on the intelligence committee keeping a eye on shifty

Adam Marceau 6 days
this is the same bogus allegation that they tried a year ago and found nothing this is another Democrat smear

Scott in FLorida 6 days
On Tuesday, the GOP says they want to replace Nunes with Jordan on the Intel Committee. On Thursday, another anonymous "source code named John Doe 43" who was actually a referee for the students involved files a lawsuit against Jordan. All this from an incident that supposedly Jordan an assistant coach did not report something he may have known was going on 25 years ago. The referee "John Doe 43" was aledgely sexualy abused. He claims he reported this to Jordan an assistant coach at the time. WHY did this Ref not report this sexual misconduct himself to school officials instead of an assistant coach who was actually on the team just the year prior? You would think if a ref had ben sexualy harrassed he himself would have reported it to school officials not come at Jordan 25 years later with a lawsuit during a Presidential impeachment. Well John Doe should have his day in court but this is a prime example why here in the US we hold people innocent until proven guilty. This smells wore that any locker room. and the reporting is sub par.

Miles O'Brien 5 days
I love the snake pit of Congress!

PhreneticNI 5 days
It was amazing how nbc nightly news reported on this, only focusing on how he would have avoided taking responsibility, then giving too much detail on what he is supposed to have known about to try to associate him with the heinous things that someone else did. Tabloid gossip at best, intentionally misleading (probably this) at worst.

Tachyon 5 days
Hmmm.... so let me see, Jim Jordan has been a thorn in the Democrats side for years. Now he's trashing their last ditch attack on Trump, the Ukraine impeachment nonsense, by exposing it as nonsense. Now suddenly complaints of him ignoring an incident 25 years ago surface. This pattern sounds familiar, doesn't it Justice Kavanaugh. I wonder if this accuser can at least remember what street, or date it happened on or who was there.

F R 6 days
Not surprising seeing how the rape wingers elected one of their own to the WH. can not be any more prouder of the Republican party
bobby_5150 6 days
You're mistaken. Clinton didn't win.