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Paul C 1 months
Pete, Pete, Pete, you can't have a plan that only spends $2 trillion and still compete with the top frontrunners. Come back when you can put a zero behind that two.

Scott in FLorida 1 months
Actually his plan is the best I have read and the most detailed of all the democratic candidates put forth so far. Sadly a lot of what he proposes President Trump has already accomplished by other means in the form of tax cuts. His promise to double the number of union workers in the US is troubling. The best way to get a better job is through a great and thriving economy like the one we have now. If you are not actively looking for a better job NOW you are losing out on the greatest opportunity in my life time. Businesses are screaming for new people and others are handing out raises to keep the good people they currently have which are being tempted to work elsewhere. His internet plan is a joke as Elon Musk will pay for and accomplish this before he could even spend our tax dollars to attempt do it in a very waste full way.
I have no idea 1 months
The problem with pete is he has no personality. He is weak and has no presence. I think that is actually a problem with a lot of presidential candidates this time around.
John 1 months
No offense meant but you obviously haven’t read any of the other plans.
I have no idea 1 months
Why would you make that assumption?

Grand Ol Propaganda 1 months
Dude really needs to step down from the race.

Jason J Mitchell 1 months
Lack of economics rather.

.Tet. 1 months
Have him spend his own money. It honestly makes me wonder why Democrats gave up on the idea of charity.

Based Haole 1 months
hell yeah we will abuse your constitutional rights....