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Paul C 6 days
Watched a video interview of James Rickards (LondonReal on YouTube) last night where he claimed that China's reported GDP was fake and that their actual economic numbers are terrible.
Edward Williams 6 days
Time will tell I guess
porcus 6 days
Yes, it's been stated for a very long time now. China game their GDP reports quite heavily. LOTS of construction in China... in empty cities that nobody lives or works in. Which counts towards GDP.
I have no idea 6 days
I am surprised they aren't saying fuck it and letting there people starve.

Evolved 6 days
How in the world has this not caused the DOW to explode 300+ points today?

porcus 6 days
China is hurting, but still trying to save face.

porcus 6 days
HaHa! China REALLY wants those tariffs to go away; must be painful.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
Don’t disappoint them. Greet them with a full blockade. That outta get the message across

Miles O'Brien 6 days
China dictating terms to US negotiators equals Trump's failure to understand global economies.
Hannibal 6 days
Provide me proof China is calling the shots, guy.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
China needs us to fuel its growth. Could you imagine the beating the Chinese economy would take if there was a full sanction on Chinese made goods?
Miles O'Brien 5 days
Yes! Cut off your leg! That will show them.