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Michael Tatom 6 days
They’re WAY over-represented. I’ve also noticed that all the judges are black women and almost every couple is interracial. I got a big kick out of it.
Carisa D 5 days
I’ve been noticing for a while that anytime someone gets married the officiant is always a female. Like every single time.

Marcus Rogers 6 days
This is why the legacy media is dying, people are sick of the forced woke shit, in tv, games, films, news, ect. Just quit trying to force it down our throats and let us live our lifes, you do the same.

Irish Mike 6 days
it used to be, what you do in the bed room is no ones business. now it's we want everyone to have a gay friends.. it's not an accurate depiction of what society is.. yet

Aniolel Seer 6 days
None of which do care about. Christians are not represented in fiction. I mean outside their own industry. How it's time we create Christian characters.
Kyle G 6 days
Or when they are, they depict them as crazy religious nut jobs.
Filip 6 days
So true
Tio BRIDGE 6 days
To be fair, most of the time someone’s religious beliefs are kept out of a story if they’re not relevant, unless they’re defined in some way by their beliefs or happenings at church. It’d still be nice to see more branches of Christianity given a day in the sun though, even just as a passing mention

Roamer MGTOW 6 days
get woke, go broke. that is all.

L C 6 days
you figure alphabet people would be insulted by this kind of tokenization, if i were part of a demographic that felt unrepresented and tv networks thought it was their place to throw in an alphabet character 'just because' that didnt provide any value to the show i would be kind of pissed.
Tio BRIDGE 6 days
As an ‘alphabet person’ I completely agree - the amount of LGBT characters in fiction is just too much. I really don’t care about a character’s sexual orientation unless it’s plot-relevant, and that’s rarely the case
L C 6 days
@Tio im refreshed to hear some sensibility from your community, if only more recognized how much this devalues legitimacy. maybe you can fulfill my curiosity - do you feel as though the lgbtq community actually represents your interests? ive always had a suspicion that things like this only further disenfranchise people but obviously nothing beats out an opinion straight from the source.
Tim S 5 days
What makes it worse is when that "representation" is used both as a shield against criticism (usually to deflect from low quality writing), and a cudgel to beat said critics with. The beating stick gets damaged too when you beat people with it. Also, actually being gay doesn't protect against this, as the contrived "internalized homophobia" buzzword will immediately be played.

Obvy. 6 days
And viewers at an all time low 🤡

GUYIVKS 6 days
gee i wonder why movies and tv series are floundering in the ratings?

Rburgoxd 6 days
Who uses television?
No Signal 5 days
People with old ideas and want them regurgitated for free.

Paul C 6 days
Equality of outcome only matters when the smaller slices of the intersectional pie are underrepresented. If they get bigger slices that is OK, well as long as it takes away from straight white males!
Whicker 6 days
Aka they like showing off freaks of nature to try normalizing it.

porcus 6 days
Wonder if there is a correlation between this Woke crap and the utter drop in viewers? :D

Mike Oliver 6 days
Send in the clowns. 🤡
Edward Williams 6 days
*faint honks heard in the distance as Honkler hears your command*

Free lead for commies 6 days
Indoctrination. Just another way to try and destroy the family.

Lord Baktor 6 days
Meanwhile, well written, deep and interesting characters are at an all-time low.

Interdimensional alien 6 days
LGBT population... about 2% Representation on TV, over 10%. 🤔🤔🤔
Edward Williams 6 days
0.5% actually

Hunter-0 6 days
Yes, because 10% of everyone you will ever meet is part of lgbtq
Edward Williams 6 days
Try 0.5%
Stephen 6 days
Heil 6 days
met 20 people the other day and not one gay in sight. What percentage really are these people? 0.005?

ffcSquall 6 days
And the people in charge of those shows think that qualifies as good programming. This is why I prefer anime over anything these idiots churn out.

- Minus - 6 days
I can’t remember the last time I watched network tv.

Mr.Newbs 6 days
Interdimensional alien 6 days
So as an aggregate they make up less of a percentage than their representation on television 🤔 guess it's time to reduce representation to have equality of outcome. Otherwise we'll need affirmative action programs for non-LGBT individuals- just extrapolating the logic of why affirmative action is necessary.
IvoryDove 6 days
The data suggests, but probably is intentionally vague on the question of "Is LGBTPQ trending up or down over time?" The fact that average age of LGBTPQ is substantially lower than straights is telling, but that could be due to increased risk of disease and lower life expectancy. It's my opinion that the rate is growing as I believe it's a "social disease" and is being spread through the media and Pro-LGBTPQ elements in business.

Daniel McEwen 6 days
@Mr Newbs: That's real interesting how the increased presence of media correlates with increased number of LGB(T?) people in the US. I think more research is needed to determine if media influences sexuality or if more people are aware there are others out there and they don't have to fear coming out. For myself, fitting in the category that ends with 49 (my age) I didn't have much in the way of positive movies about gays. I mostly saw persecution and AIDS. Those are both things that I avoided - never been persecuted and never became HIV+. Like I said, more research needed.
Ben B. 5 days
It's called social engineering, and you're spot on in your assessment. Remember who is the prince of the air