Rand Paul calls it ’big mistake’ for Trump defense to center around quid pro quo

Rand Paul calls it ’big mistake’ for Trump defense to center around quid pro quo

Rep. Jim Himes, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the focus of the impeachment inquiry needs to shift away from the use of ’quid pro quo’ to describe Trump’s alleged behavior. ’They’ve got to get off the quid pro quo thing, because it’s complicated’, Himes said Sunday.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 5 months

they got to find something else because they have no case which is why this sham has been in secret this whole time. it is also why they have been after his taxes and everything else to try to get any dirt they can. I can hardly wait for this to blow up in their face like the Russian witch hunt

Canadian Thought
Canadian Thought 5 months

Can someone explain to me what the difference is supposed to be between extortion and quid pro quo vs negotiating and pressuring? Like, how is it bad that the guy potentially held $1B of aide that they didn't have to give in alleged exchange for a country to look into potentially corrupt deals? Like what world do we live in where that is deemed as somehow criminal? I'm seriously asking. Miles, care to explain?

Coeus 5 months

"Give me what I want, or I shalln't give you money." *No reply* "Okay,, here's your money." *QUID PRO QUO!* "Ahem... did you study Latin, at all?"

MF 5 months

The US never gives money to nations without conditions. If Biden and Barisma are at the center of corruption, and Trump giving them the weapons needed to defend themselves, he’s well within his rights and responsibilities to go pressure them about it. The fact that it would benefit him politically is a possible side effect but doesn’t change that he is faithfully executing his office as defined in the constitution. He should call them again and make damn sure they are investigating. And if Biden really is involved, there is no way we could have him as president. That’s why we elected a non-politician. You can pick ok Trump for being a dick or taking advantage of people, but not for abusing power like Biden did or like the dems are doing now.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 5 months

I agree. It was extortion.

NeorecnamorceN 5 months

People seem confused about this so here is the TL;DR 1. Congress approved aid 2. Trump said not until they say they are investigating Biden 3. Trump had no authority to withhold said aid especially to illicit foreign help with political rival 4. Whistleblower. 5. Aid released. 6. Impeachment. Think that about sums it up. To everyone asking how this is different than what Biden did, it's because Biden did it through the appropriate channels, not personal lawyers, and at the behest of the State Department, international financial institutions, and the EU. So yea, very different. All that said, I personally find it gross how his son profited off his father's position, it just doesnt currently break any laws. But the trumps are the absolute last people to be complaining about that for obvious reasons.

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