Mormons flee Mexico for Arizona after massacre

Mormons flee Mexico for Arizona after massacre

US Mormons are fleeing Mexico after a ’massacre’ by drug cartels that left nine women and children dead. An 18-vehicle caravan carrying about 100 members of the community arrived in Arizona from Mexico on Saturday. They are leaving the site their ancestors settled in nearly 70 years ago after an ambush on the LeBaron Mormon family.

Sir_Kutz 5 months

There was a documentary 10 years ago or so that was about Mormons in Mexico that we forced to defend themselves against the cartels and how is some regions they were the front line of the fight.

Arcamean 5 months

Build that wall and add remote control turrets .

Wholly 5 months

Get somewhere safe.

Jwins 5 months

This is a disturbing story but I would like to know more...generally the cartels prefer kidnapping cause there is no money in killing so this seems off...doesn't make it right at all and I am in no way defending the bloody atrocities that the cartel commit, but seems like the adults in the family were not do innocent either...maybe they were maybe they had to form some type of protective militia and they didnt like the family for it ...or they were rival in the criminal trade ..I just want to know the motive...and also still want justice because murder for whatever reason unless self defense is not how a society should function especially when you go as far to kill children.

Eduardo Hernandez Padilla
Eduardo Hernandez Padilla 5 months

Just doing little research just found out the LeBaron's family have been in conflict with the cartels in north of Mexico for years. I can't believe all the US media missed to point this out!!!

neo the one
neo the one 5 months

check out vice documentary on YouTube. mormons in mexico

Occam's Chainsaw
Occam's Chainsaw 5 months

I'm guessing that this was the Carter's goal all along? Now they have a new comfy base from which to stage drug shipments.

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