Australia’s east coast declares emergency as ’catastrophic’ fire threat looms

Australia’s east coast declares emergency as ’catastrophic’ fire threat looms

Authorities in Australia’s Queensland and New South Wales states on Monday declared a state of emergency as the country’s eastern region prepared for ’catastrophic’ fire conditions. Fires have killed three people and destroyed 150 houses across the two states at the weekend. A forecast for greater Sydney region to catastrophic fire danger has been issued for Tuesday.

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 3 months

Is there a reason TIME Homepage keeps coming up here? Usually there are other leads to go with that have actual headlines.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

Or in other terms the Down Unda of California

Watcher 3 months

Living in one of the areas affected by this I can tell you it is the greenies fault. They haven't let us back burn in years. These fires are bad because we aren't allowed to do what has been done to control them for 40000+ years.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 3 months

To modernize an old saying " Man proposes, Nature disposes". The governments of Australia both federal and state, through their policies of water management and economic development are responsible for the heightened devastation of these natural disasters. Government that only looks as far ahead as the next election, in Australia's case 3 years, has to ignore long term problems and solutions. Current problems need immediate solutions and little consideration for the long term. The Australian method is to implement a short term, expensive fix and then propose a long term Pollyanna solution that it cannot be held to because anything over 3 years is science fiction. The times are not just changing. The change cycle is so rapid that in 3 years the changes can be monumental. Government in it's current iteration is doomed to failure and poses an existential threat to all Australians.

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