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Sir_Kutz 1 weeks
Scumbag douche nozzle.

Edward Williams 1 weeks
Fuck outta here

Paul C 6 days
How's that saying go? ... Too little, too late.

Mister Manager 6 days
Even New Yorkers said she shouldn't run! If a rooster can't even garner support over his own dung hill...

Christopher Stone 6 days
Interesting move...what are his positions?
Klorgmak The Smasher 6 days
um... probably political ones
Boudica 6 days
check out what he did as mayor...see also, "nanny Bloomberg" he made 20 oz sodas, transfats illegal and increased bridge tolls to ' discourage' commuting. big proponent of behavioral taxes

Daniel McEwen 6 days
Will he do what he did as mayor of NYC and convince them to give him, and him alone, a third term? Not that I'd vote for him. I lived in NYC when he was mayor.

Jim Boi 6 days
DNC finally gets under ten presidential candidates. Mike Bloomberg: maybe I should run again.

Miles O'Brien 6 days
Steyr is showing that billionaire capitalists are not popular with the Democratic electorate. Bloomberg should sit down and support Gabbard.

Ya Boi PI 6 days
why is everyone running so old? doubt anyone will make it through the next term.

cabin ceiler 5 days

JPops 6 days
Oh look another rich guy wanting to be like trump. Last thing we need is a guy who doesn’t have any positions on anything being the president. The only logical guy to be president is Bernie Sanders. He’s been on the right side of every vote in history and fights for everyone, not just Wall Street
Mike Oliver 6 days
The United States doesn't need a geriatric communist for president who would likely die in office and be replaced by a vice president not voted into the presidency but chosen by the DNC.
GUYIVKS 6 days
i think you mean the 👈side of history.
Scott in FLorida 6 days
I lost ALL respect for Sanders when after he found out the DNC and Clinton manipulated him and cheated him in the primary. Yet he still bent the knee and endorsed her. A man with that kind of weakness gets no vote from me. The only good thing that came from it is Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned and Florida became stronger.

Paul C Yesterday
In other news, multi-billionare goes to Waffle House and tries scattered smothered covered chunked and topped and realizes he'd been missing out on best food in the universe for his entire life.

nick 5 days
Go for it. He’s probably more qualified than someone else anyway.

Raymond M Hein Jr 5 days

Luis 6 days
we don't need another crooked white Jewish busines man in the White House. and I'm not being anti semetic. Bloomberg left the mayorship of New York three times richer then when he entered. there's a reason for that. mostly developers with kick backs.

R LoRusso 6 days
He has switched parties many times to get elected, plus he is the epitome of the nanny state with his big soft drink ban..

Paul C 6 days
Old rich straight white man to the rescue! Ya, that's exactly what the Dems are lacking.

Scott in FLorida 6 days
I think I will stick with the guy that made ME 34% more personal wealth in the last 3 years. Has unemployment at all time lows. Whipped the shit out of ISIS and has kept the VAST majority of his promises that got me to vote for him in the first place. All while being ridiculed and colluded against by a huge corrupt propaganda machine. And Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

GUYIVKS 6 days
so the primaries are really woftam?