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’I’m not going to stop,’ says pregnant Australian firefighter

’I’m not going to stop,’ says pregnant Australian firefighter

A 23-year-old pregnant volunteer firefighter has strongly defended her decision to fight the bushfires that have swept across Australia. Kat Robinson-Williams said she received many appeals from worried friends to stop. In an Instagram post, Robinson-Williams said she would not ’just stay behind’. She has been volunteering with the New South Wales (NSW) Rural Fire Service for 11 years.

laurence dyball
laurence dyball 8 months

this is the most fucking stupidest thing I've heard she should be away from the smoke looking after her unborn baby

Bennington 8 months

lady I appreciate the motivation, but you should be more worried about your baby. Being around so much smoke, heat and physical strain is most definitely not good for it's health

Law Bird
Law Bird 8 months

Yes women are just as good as men in every way...

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