Gosar leaves message in tweets: ’Epstein didn’t kill himself’

Gosar leaves message in tweets: ’Epstein didn’t kill himself’

Rep. Paul Gosar drew attention to his Twitter account after observers noted that a series of tweets spelled out, ’Epstein didn’t kill himself’. Rep. Paul Gosar was active on social media, reacting to the ongoing testimony, sharing posts around the event. Later on, readers took notice that as one scrolled down the profile, the first letters of each tweet spelled, ’Epstein didn’t kill himself’.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 3 months


porcus 3 months

Epic. Grade A, missing Aquaman graphics and references, could use more drama. :D

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 3 months

Politico is still calling it a conspiracy theory.

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 3 months

I like the memes but maybe someone who's in power could do a little more than meme with us. Maybe they could, you know, investigate or something.

Barry 3 months

I feel like we're just being trolled by both "sides". And they all laughing all the way to the bank It's a travesty what this country has become

Benjamin 3 months

Not all heroes wear capes.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 3 months

E P I C.... also did 'Area 51' combo tweet

SimonR 3 months


Christian 3 months

Based boomer

James H
James H 3 months

Mad lad

John Doh
John Doh 3 months


MoralKombat 3 months

Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble, one of us.

J3 3 months

The memes are great but what is going to be done about it???

Evolved Ape
Evolved Ape 3 months

It is incumbent upon Republicans to take this seriously. Regardless of your thoughts on Russian election interference, if Trump did do this then he should be held to account.

NeverMetTheGuy 3 months

It's good to see politicians getting involved a little bit. Granted, there's still no investigation, but let's take this as a little win.

Carol 3 months

anybody paying attention to what is going on in America politically and otherwise, from the top down...knows he didn't! He either "payed" to be murdered or someone did it to shut him up. You see that is "how" evil thrives amongst the well-to-do! Wonder who he "willed" his billions too...Trump, the AG, who? Only God knows!

Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL
Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL 3 months

S A V A G E ..also Sneak 100

Mitchell 3 months

I can't tell if he's being serious or just doing the meme.

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