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Bezos sells nearly $2 billion worth of Amazon shares

Bezos sells nearly $2 billion worth of Amazon shares

According to an SEC filing, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos this week sold nearly $2B worth of shares in his company. The transactions were made as part of a prearranged 10b5-1 trading plan. Bezos has accelerated his stock sales in recent years, previously unloading nearly $4.1B worth of shares last February. Bezos sold more than $3B worth of shares last November.

Jon 0 months

Oh please. Selling his shares is the only way to get the money. He then pays his outrageous taxes, and there's his paycheck for creating one of the largest and most profitable companies on Earth. What's the problem?

george 0 months

And Bill Gates just made a major move as well...

Aaron 0 months

Now that's real insider trading.

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