Prince Andrew sparks backlash after ’disastrous’ TV interview

Prince Andrew sparks backlash after ’disastrous’ TV interview

Britain’s Prince Andrew provoked a backlash Sunday following a TV interview in which he denied having sex with a teenager, an alleged victim of the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and called the conduct of the latter ’unbecoming’. The victim Virginia Robert has claimed that she was forced to have sex with the royal on three occasions in 2001 when she was 17.

Tom A
Tom A
ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Some people did something

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 3 months

Does he also think that Jeffery Dahmer did a few boo boos?

MoralKombat 3 months

This is the tip of an iceberg that all the focus on President Trump is used to distract from. Epstein did not kill himself and many of the most powerful and influencial "people" on this planet see humanity as a renewable resource to be exploited for the fulfillment of their twisted fetishes. 🔋

Vorastra 3 months

There's plenty to nick on that interview but "unbecoming" is not one of them. People need to learn some English.

Dace 3 months

This interview was such a Royal car crash that I hear Elton John is planning to re-release Candle in the Wind

.Tet. 3 months

If I recall correctly, he didn't make himself look good because he said he never met "that" girl before in his life. Essentially avoiding saying that he never has with anyone else.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 3 months

But he can remember having pizza the night he was not having sex with a girl he can’t remember

Liberty 3 months

Herbie, do you support the royals in their pursuit to squash the Epstein narrative?

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