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Kaepernick sends message to NFL teams during public workout

Kaepernick sends message to NFL teams during public workout

On Saturday, Colin Kaepernick held a workout for teams in Georgia. Of the 25 teams scheduled to attend, reports revealed only eight NFL teams had representatives at the workout in Riverdale. Speaking at the event, Kaepernick claimed he has been ready to return to football for the last few years - ’I’ve been ready for three years — I’ve been denied for three years’.

porcus 8 months

I think the guy is looking for a job in the legacy media to continue his activism. The NFL doesn't want him, with less than 50% of teams sending anyone to watch him "workout".

Little Scar
Little Scar 8 months

Maybe the low protest turnout is because everyone who despises the political media circus that boy turned the game into have already lost interest and walked away? 😵 Mind boggling if ya think about it. Out of the 30+ extended family of mine who did whatever they could to catch a game only 3-4 remain. And it seems like i''s only for this Fantasy Football side thing they do // friends...thinking I should introduce them to Dungeons&& Dragons 😝

ConcealCarryProtect 8 months

Your protesters have actual jobs Colin. We aren't overpaid fir trying to take other men's balls like you are

WJ MacKENZIE 8 months

"Protestors showed up, but you could count all of them on one hand" Probably because Colin is irrelevant and not important enough for any real protestors to care about. Seriously, he was a mediocre nfl player known for a publicity stunt rather than his actual job. He isnt the kind of idiot you take seriously.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 8 months

Entertainment would have been if they played the national anthem before his session... 😂

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 8 months

He's 32, not played for 4 years and was mediocre anyway. What was this all about? Who cares? Not the NFL teams. If he were Chinese however...

Seekster 8 months

This clown just showed that he doesn't want to play Football anymore, he wants to be an activist. Fine by me so long as the NFL doesn't give him a platform.

Fonky Munk
Fonky Munk 8 months

Help me understand something: if you are pro-free speech how can you be against Colin’s first amendment right to protest? Just because you don’t like his speech you are ok with the NFL censoring him? Firing someone for voicing their opinion and exercising their first amendment right to protest is a slippery slope man. You are either for free speech or you aren’t.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 8 months

"To actually fight"? Haha, yeah but no. Blokes a grifter, at best.

R 8 months

I don't know. It always seems like all of of people wish they played for the NFL. And most people never got the point. It's not about football. He really don't need the job. It sounds like he's trolling. But it also sounds like people would rather listen to a weathly entitled white guy who can't relate to anyone than a rich entitled black man who gave up his spot to actually fight for people with no voice. Everybody acting like the NFL ever gave a crap about it's players with unguaranteed salaries and giving women beaters a spot over Kap.

Sasu 8 months

He changed the venue and insulted the NFL right before the original scheduled event. He did this on purpose. He doesn't deserve a job.

ttocsick 8 months

lol... nobody is interested. he's a cancer for any team, plus he's no good. he doesn't want to play football, he wants to be a martar. that's good because he'll never get another shot to play for any NFL team. he'll be missed

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