Alibaba plans $15 billion HK listing in late November

Alibaba plans $15 billion HK listing in late November

Chinese retail titan Alibaba plans to list in Hong Kong in the final week of November, aiming to raise up to $15 billion. The public offering would take place at a pivotal moment for Hong Kong’s future as the city has been wracked by months of anti-government protests. Alibaba’s book-building and listing is due to take place in the week beginning Nov. 25.

Daddy Tito
Daddy Tito 3 months

Honk Kong knows what will happen if they take any more of your blood money.

Wholly 3 months

All the more reason to not mess with Hong Kong...

Yoshiki 3 months

Funny how they all kowtow towards the ccp, publicly speaks out on HK protesters being wrong, and condemns any foreigners/companies supporting HK, yet all chooses to list their companies in HK, or hell, US for that matter. Isn't capitalism evil and all should hail Socialism with Chinese characteristics?

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