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North Carolina removes Confederate statue from historic courthouse

North Carolina removes Confederate statue from historic courthouse

A Confederate statue, which had been placed at a historic courthouse, was removed by a North Carolina county on Wednesday. There have been more such cases of similar statues being brought down from across the state, despite the presence of a law that protects the statues. In past weeks, demonstrators for and against removal had gathered around the statue, leading to scuffles and some arrests.

Seekster 1 year

Sad to these taken down and hidden.

Noobs 1 year

What a fucking stupid thing to do! So, we dont like art so it has to go? Just because we dont see it it never happened? Or is it just to avoid discussing it?

Solarplex 1 year

I certainly don’t condone the actions of the Confederacy but these statues serve as a reminder of the past & lest we forget, history has a way of repeating itself. Statues are a great deterrent & reminder of past atrocities.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 year

well that is depressing.... that "moving forward" means erasing the past in order to form your own version of history... Orwellian at its finest

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