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Chicago suburb set to pay reparations

Chicago suburb set to pay reparations

The Chicago suburb of Evanston is preparing to pay reparations in the form of housing grants to black residents who experienced housing discrimination. Evanston is giving eligible residents $25,000 housing grants for down payments, repairs or existing mortgages this year. The program will provide 16 grants the first year, with money from a 2019 reparations fund created with legal marijuana taxes.

R_Forde 1 months

I’m not sure where people get the idea that owning a home somehow creates generational wealth. What my ancestors earned is their money to spend how they want I am not entitled to it. I even told my parents when they get too old to take care of their house to sell it and use the money on themselves.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

"The Chicago suburb of Evanston is preparing to pay reparations in the form of housing grants to Black residents who experienced housing discrimination." This is why I say "no reparations without separation". They're just gonna keep making demands and I highly doubt this is going to stay isolated.

Leonard 1 months

My Great Great Great Great Grandfather died fighting to free these people in the Civil War. Where's my reparations? America was the first country on the planet to end slavery. Wheres our reparations?

Mutatis 1 months

"To qualify, Black applicants must have lived in Evanston between 1919 and 1969 or be a direct descendent of someone who did. They must show proof, like a deed, and reside in Evanston currently. Aldermen will then decide how the rest of the fund will be spent."

Jacob 1 months

They get grants, jobs, and free rides to universities just because of their race, yet they claim white people are the only people who have privilege. All this is doing is making a race war more likely, but that's what the leftist want.

Patty 1 months

OH that will work.. ridiculous

Eric 1 months

This is gonna backfire and prove to be wasted resources.

Mike 1 months

Liberal controlled Chicago discriminated against Blacks, who'd of known.

Glen 1 months

It's called blackmail.

Dave 1 months

I'm assuming they will need some form of ID....wait.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 months

Since it's (illegally) a determining factor, how do you verify someone's "black"?

America 1 months

This is why Illinois has become a third world state.

TaxTheRich 1 months


Robert_Clearwater 1 months

"They must show proof, like a deed..." everyone knows having paperwork to verify one's identity is racist.

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