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Twitter suspends Trump ’From the Desk’ account

Twitter suspends Trump ’From the Desk’ account

Twitter has suspended an account replicating posts from former President Trump’s new blog, saying it violated the company’s rules against ban evasion. The account suspended was @DJTDesk, an abbreviation for Trump’s ’From The Desk of Donald J. Trump’ web page. A source from Trump’s team was quoted saying the account wasn’t created by them. Trump unveiled a new blog Tuesday.

Jon 1 months

You aren't allowed to talk about, or mention, or name, or discuss, or quote... When are these hyper partisan twits going to realize that they are MAGNIFYING the problem? There are people who I know about exclusively because they were banned. The Streisand Effect is shaping our discourse.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

I just saw a Tim pool video about a leftist crying on twitter about getting their YouTube videos etc banned after celebrating conservative bans and the first thing that came to mind was "you get what you fûçking deserve!"

Kyle 1 months

Gotta love the first two NPCs that responded. lol calling trump crazy while thinking the current president, child sniffer in chief, who raised a son capable of having an affair with his late brothers widow is normal. How messed up is your life to think this way lol. My God have mercy on your soul

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.”

Rocky 1 months

Can't wait for his campaign in 2024. With the new laws from States coming forward outlawing the banning of political candidates it will be fun to see him back on the platform trading barbs. As far as the "from the desk" account hundreds of thousands if not millions have been retweeting every post of his with no end in sight.😂🤣😂

Xavier 1 months

Ooo the butt hurt conservatives are not going to like this

Rocky 1 months

Somewhere there is a 2 yr old girl with a stripper for a mother, a crackhead for a father, and a grandfather who is president of the free world.🤦🏽‍♂️ This is not the world I want my children growing up in, but 't's the world the insane lefties wanted.🤷🏾‍♂️ But we have to make sure the America First President'can't talk to the people.👍🏽

Sarang 1 months

You have to admire the man's resilience... If I was a 74 year old, I'd say to hell with Twitter and spend my life golfing and hanging out with my grandchild

Salvador 1 months

I love how “Republicans” want to force a private entity to cater to their whims lmao

Ned_Flanders 1 months

Conservative or not, we have to admit theyre legally allowed to do that. 👀 You do''t have to like it tho.

jennifer 1 months

So what do trump fans think about him agreeing with biden regarding the military pull out from Afghanistan? Senate gop is going nuts over it saying what a horrible idea it is to pull the troops out.

S 1 months

This seems like such insignificant news compared to the new record the Dow just set today. Keep it going Joe. Keep building back better like you said you would! Enjoy the Blue Wave America. You've earned it.

LetterJotter 1 months

Good! This clown and his incendiary posts need to be censured for the good of the country.

David 1 months

Fu@k faceplant, Twitter, all of them.

Dawn 1 months

Thank you 🙏 so very much Twitter. This country does not need Trump. He’s a cancer on society!

Randall 1 months

Trump does try to follow rules and laws but these are things he considers Optional.

Jon 1 months


Taylor 1 months

So glad this crazy is stopping

Joe 1 months

It wasn’t from them? Another lie added to the list.

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 1 months

It's anyone surprised? Now, that Trump's in Florida and if this site is based on Florida? Does Florida's new law come into play? Will Twitter have to allow this or get sued?

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