Buttigieg says his gay rights struggles will help him connect with black voters

Buttigieg says his gay rights struggles will help him connect with black voters

Welcoming the challenges associated with connecting with black voters in the United States, Mayor Pete Buttigieg said on Wednesday that his struggles for gay rights would help him connect with black voters of the country. Mr. Buttigieg was participating in the 5th Democratic Presidential Debate on Wednesday when he made these comments.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 4 months

You don't have to be black to see he's a shill for corporate America.

R0411 4 months

It is self inflicted because he is gay. The black community as a whole in the US is devoutly Christian, and we know how those people feel about gays. Pretty obvious really.

4thHogage 4 months

Pete doesn't care about the black vote Just look at his time as Mayor in south Bend

Paul C
Paul C 4 months

For those that have played Cards Against Humanity, what Mayor Pete needs is the Big Black Dick card.

Sarah 4 months

Pete faked prominent black South Carolinian endorsements for his Douglass Plan. Half of them were white, one was a Bernie co-chair, and most people didn't even know they endorsed his plan because it was sent to them in an email that required them to opt out of supporting the plan. His campaign still publicly released the names of those that "endorsed" him. Pete is trash and is not fit to be president!

porcus 4 months

Riiiight. That's why Pete has had to use stock photos of black people instead of actual black people he knows in his ads.

Zora 4 months

I don't understand? I'm Black you can tell I'm Black. He's gay, nobody knows until he says so. So how can he identify with US. Stonewall happened long before he was born. He's rich. Some of us are rich or well to do. But whether we are rich or poor we're all treated the same. Financially we can agree on one thing. Blacks in the 60s and 70s vote were very popular because we were together then. The government wanted our finances not our vote. Same way with LBGT they have the money. Only way I can see it relating. Nothing else.

John Doh
John Doh 4 months

Trans is the new gay which is the new black. Hashtag Current Year Hashtag Oppression Olympics

Carisa D
Carisa D 4 months

Ya because if there is one thing black people like is having their civil rights struggle be trivialized and compared to everyone else’s problems. Also... last I heard, weren’t black people one of the most “homophobic” demographics out there?

Randall 4 months

What the hell is he saying? Black voters are gay?! Fμck Butigieg with a cactus. Gabbard or Sanders for president. All others are bought and paid for by the war mongering millionaires and corporate interests.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 4 months


Josh Ya
Josh Ya 4 months

Most blacks do not approve of gays. Especially black Christians. So no.

MF 4 months

wait, wut? clearly, he doesn't know the black community... seems like such a dumb thing to even say, why?

Innerparty 4 months

Clown can't connect to the run of the mill crowd, so he has to try to appeal to someone.

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