Biden says we need to ’keep punching’ at domestic violence

Biden says we need to ’keep punching’ at domestic violence

Responding to a question about violence against women, former VP Biden had a cringe-worthy moment during the Democratic presidential primary debate when he used the words ’keep punching at it’. Biden said he’s authored the original Violence Against Women Act and touted the ’It’s on Us’ movement, before taking it further saying, ’And keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it’.

porcus 3 months

HaHa! Gaffe master at work, watch and learn.

alsroy757 3 months

the mr. Magoo pictures a nice touch

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 3 months

Hahaha, oh Joe....

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 3 months

Joes minders could perhaps look at the research on DV that examines both male and female experience of domestic violence. The thing that needs to be worked to stop is non consensual violence, not just violence against women and girls. A large proportion of DV is mutual, both parties initiate it from time to time. Where it’s not mutual the proportion that’s committed by women is significantly higher than the reverse. Women get seriously injured or killed more often than men in extreme physical DV situations however it appears that’s much more likely where they are physically violent to their partners. Men are far more likely to suicide and I suspect emotional and legal abuse by partners and ex partners plays a significant role in that statistic.

Stephen 3 months


Kyle G
Kyle G 3 months

Haha I gotta say this guy is pretty funny.

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