Arrests made after more than a thousand protest Ann Coulter speech

Arrests made after more than a thousand protest Ann Coulter speech

Over a thousand protesters made a human chain and tried to physically block people from entering a speech by conservative pundit Ann Coulter at the University of California, Berkeley campus Wednesday. Seven people were arrested at the rally. Coulter was invited to speak by the Berkeley College Republicans for a speech about immigration called ’Adios, America’.

Tom A
Tom A
Occam's Chainsaw
Occam's Chainsaw 6 months

Typical fascist tactics from the open-minded, tolerant "progressive" left.

filchface 6 months

Words, words! We don’t like them and don’t want them here! Only finger snaps and Jazz hands, please. 🤡 The universities are to blame for letting these small minds corrupt free thought and failing to cultivate strong wills. This is the beginning of the end, folks.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 6 months

This doesnt exist. I was told there is no problem with violence on the left. This is all just a collective figmant of our imagination.

Rational ific
Rational ific 6 months

"Don't let them in!"?? are for the "free movement of people", right?

131350 6 months

Defend the first amendment. This is thuggery and intimidation to silence political enemies.

CGandG 6 months

So tired of cancel culture

User Inactive
User Inactive 6 months

Birthplace of the Free Speech Movement... 😑

alsroy757 6 months

I feel like Ann Coulters just fuckin with the left by trying to do public speaking at Berkeley.

Hypnotica 6 months

The far left has once again shown that its ideology is the most dangerous thing to freedom and democracy.

Seekster 6 months

That sounds like Berkeley.

PA_Patriot89 6 months

Such a courageous group of Americans standing up to fascism. Biden would be proud.

Kyle G
Kyle G 6 months

Anyone who doesn’t believe in freedom of speech should just be given a free one-way ticket out of the country.

Arcamean 6 months

Berkeley is such a pointless “school”, no one goes there to learn rather just to prevent the sharing of knowledge. If it were up to me they’d never see a cent for all the discussions they’ve prevented.

Sir_Kutz 6 months

USB is a sanctuary for what hate?

Free lead for commies
Free lead for commies 6 months

So many fragile little bitches afraid of words.

Bernie2020 6 months

I hate Ann Coulter however nobody should have there 1st amendment rights infringed regardless of how you intended on justifying it. The left is turning tyrannical.. this is coming from someone who’s voting Bernie2020

Unity.Nat 6 months

I guess they wanted to get in for free to hear the Speech

Article V FTW
Article V FTW 6 months

Why are they trying to form a human wall if they don't believe walls work? lol

Katse Kubeb
Katse Kubeb 6 months

Is physically preventing a ticket holder from entering violence?

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 6 months

Hasn't she shriveled up like the wicked witch of the west? Maybe she doesn't bathe.

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