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Debate confirms there is no Democratic presidential frontrunner

Debate confirms there is no Democratic presidential frontrunner

Wednesday night’s Democratic debate points that the top tier of the 2020 presidential race is not likely to change much, with no clear winner in sight. The four-person top tier includes former VP Biden, Sens. Warren and Sanders, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Pollsters believe they see the race at the top as constantly shifting - Buttigieg leads in Iowa, and Warren and Biden lead in New Hampshire.

daddymoon666 1 year

Debate confirms, corporate owned media are making these debates into reality tv shit shows...

Mark East
Mark East 1 year

The debate was poorly run by MSNBC very disappointed that Warren and Buttigieg weren't challenged more on their positions with Medicare for all

Correspondent in Virginia
Correspondent in Virginia 1 year

Until primary voting starts there really shouldn't be a clear winner yet. Remember, it wasn't until halfway through the primaries that Trump started to pick up steam. We may see a candidate come out of nowhere.

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