Unauthorised vehicle tried to enter White House complex

Unauthorised vehicle tried to enter White House complex

A person was taken into custody early Thursday after Secret Service agents stopped a ’suspicious vehicle’ trying to illegally enter the White House complex. The incident happened around 6 a.m. when the driver, whose identity has not been made public, tried to tail an official vehicle through the gate. It was unclear whether anything suspicious was discovered inside the vehicle.

Dave 5 months

No, No, No, this is the White House, if you're looking for White Castle it's down the block.

Taylor 5 months

Maybe the person was not paying attention. Maybe on the phone or not aware of what they were doing. DC traffic could be quite confusing and frustrating.

Wholly 5 months


User Inactive
User Inactive 5 months

lol can't cure stupid.

.Tet. 5 months

Tbh I really hope this info comes to the public. This is the piece of news this week that I'm interested in the most.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 5 months

That's alot traffic tickets that car had.

dave 5 months

It was Sondland.

kells 5 months

remember when a women tried to do this during the Obama administration and they shot her in front of her autistic child who was in the back seat

Mitchell 5 months

Initial reports claim the driver must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. But seriously imagine if it was just some dope who had no idea where they were 😁

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