Lawsuit challenges Trump order requiring local sign-off on refugees

Lawsuit challenges Trump order requiring local sign-off on refugees

A US coalition of refugee resettlement groups filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the executive order on refugee resettlement that President Trump issued in September. The lawsuit, filed a Maryland federal court, argues that President Trump exceeded his authority when he issued an executive order that mandated the approval of states and localities before refugees can be sent to those places.

Tom A
Tom A
Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 4 months

1. it is no surprise but there is no right leaning link. 2. it is also no surprise that a judge blocked this like everything else is going to have to go through scotus. We have a problem with activist judges in this country the legislative branch is supposed to be bipartisan. 3. Ever since Donald Trump won the Republican nominee the mainstream news, Hollywood, and a lot of athletes have done a complete 180 and turned against him because Donald Trump isn't part of the establishment and he's fighting against it and they're not happy that he turned against them if anyone else was doing the same thing Donald Trump was doing and managed to win the 2016 election they probably would face backlash but not have that same adamant hatred against them like Donald Trump because at one point Donald Trump was one of their own and he turned against them so now we have all these judges and "Journalist" (Actors) trying to circumvent his policies even though this is what the American people voted for.

OttersGonnaOtt 4 months

Judges do not have more power than the rest of the government, especially when they don't preside over the federation as a whole. Only SCOTUS technically has the power to challenge an Executive action.

I have no idea
I have no idea 4 months

These judges are ridiculous.

bobby_5150 4 months

Hopefully, during his second term, Trump can replace even more of these partisan judges.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 4 months

Refugees are supposed to go back eventually, or am I missing something?

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