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Woman gets 6 years for fatally stabbing her identical twin

Woman gets 6 years for fatally stabbing her identical twin

A New Jersey woman convicted of fatally stabbing her identical twin sister was sentenced to six years in prison. Amanda Ramirez pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her sister, Anna. Ramirez has said the stabbing occurred after a night of heavy drinking, adding that she can’t remember why she and her sister started fighting. The brawl ended when Ramirez stabbed her sister in the chest.

Tom A
Tom A
Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 8 months

6 years for murder?? Fucking female privilege.

porcus 8 months

What a deceptive, lying woman; how is 6 years right for this?

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 8 months

Why do wamen always get the lesser sentence. As a male Trump supporter in Massachusetts if I murdered someone they'd probably try to reinstate the death penalty.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 8 months

A picture is worth 1000 words... just looking at the image with the title identical twins, I can see one of them had severe issues. Since their DNA is identical it would be almost impossible to attribute the killer sister's weight issues to a thyroid issue etc.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 8 months

Must have been the patriarchy that handed down such a harsh sentence. 🙄

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 8 months

No no no your all wrong guys. She obviously thought her twin was her from the future and she killed her to prevent a time paradox. Totally justified. 👌

Randall 8 months

And they lock up people for life for possession of a quarter pound of pot. Not selling it to kids, just for having it. But murder is not nearly as bad as having a bag of harmless plant material?! Tulsi Gabbard as president will change all that!

BlunderingFool 8 months

As a twin, this woman is mentally sick. I’m pretty sure the grief of losing my twin would kill me. Twins have this weird special connection.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 8 months

Patriarchy Strikes Again!

Sothensloth 8 months

I think that sentences in the us are too lengthy as it is. The whole point of prison is to reform the person. If you cant be reformed in 2-5 years, and keep getting sent back prison. Then I say just give them the death sentence and be over with it. Look at prison gangs for example. They have more than a hunch who runs a lot of them, so why not just execute them all and be done with it. If you're part of a prison gang you're obviously not going to reform. Especially when most people cant just leave a prison gang.

John Doh
John Doh 8 months

EQUALITY!!!!! (Except when it benefits the groups of people we have decided to label as "marginalized")

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