Obama urges Democrats to ’chill out’ about 2020 presidential field

Obama urges Democrats to ’chill out’ about 2020 presidential field

At a fundraiser in California Thursday, former US President Barack Obama downplayed 2020 candidates’ differences as merely disagreements over ’tactics’, and said, ’everybody needs to chill out about the candidates’. And even if the eventual nominee is not ’your perfect candidate,’ Obama said, ’I don’t care.’The event was expected to raise over $3 million for the Democratic National Committee.

User Inactive
User Inactive 6 months

Yeah chillax "Democrats", you're not going to win in 2020 what you should be focusing on is hijacking the GOP now so that the candidates endorsed by both parties are drunk on your carbon neutral commie kool-aid in 2024.

6Million$Mansplainer 6 months

Yes be good NPCs and let them decide, be happy with what your socialist masters give you.

America 6 months

"Barack Obama tells Silicon Valley’s leading donors to 'chill out' over differences between candidates" Yeah because they're all the same.

Mitchell 6 months

Considering the DNC is practically broke now, maybe they should listen to Obama? Pff lol NO Obama is far right!

Jason Culligan
Jason Culligan 6 months

He's not wrong though. Democrats should have learned from 2016 what the dangers are of having a nasty primary race. There were more than a few jaded Sanders supporters who either didn't vote or voted for Trump instead. The Democrat establishment would have very much liked this primary to be a clear cut victory for Creepy Uncle Joe, if anything just to avoid potentially alienating Democrats who set their hopes on more "progressive" candidates. Between Trump's manoeuvres and infighting amongst the candidates, that's looking like a nigh on impossibility at this point.

Mark East
Mark East 6 months

the neoliberal corporate sellout has spoken Hope and change is a pipe dream

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