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Biden pitches infra plan in Louisiana

Biden pitches infra plan in Louisiana

President Biden on Thursday touted his $2.3T infra package in Louisiana. Biden made two stops in the state to highlight the American Jobs Plan. ’What I’m proposing is badly needed and able to be paid for and still grow — trickle down ain’t working very well, man,’ Biden said. Biden was joined by Gov. John Bel Edwards and Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter.

Sasu 0 months

So, $100k goes to Infrastructure in the the US, where as, $2.3T goes to Infrastucture in China.

Something Witty
Something Witty 0 months

Well, I can’t wait for our local governments to just “lose the money” like every other time. There’s a reason New Orleans has still not gotten back to the way it was before Katrina, oh and especially after the lockdowns killed businesses that had been in the French quarter for generations

Trevor 0 months

It's true. The trickle down effect doesn't really work. The Republicans are wrong. But gouging the rich on tax has only shown to increase the price on goods and services and make up and coming competition flame out when they got that tax bracket soooo Democrats are wrong too. Think beyond the 2 party system. Don't vote for the candidates most lobbied for. We are about to hit very tough times and the ones to blame are going to have their fingers outstretched at the others who are to blame. It's a joke.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 0 months

Sooooo close to visiting the border.....

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

"We're going to get it done. You know, the thing." Captivating leadership, brings a tear to my eye.

C 0 months

Did he actually stay conscious the entire time?

Aaron 0 months

Did anyone show up this time or did they just drive by and honk.

NACXL 0 months

Is anybody actually still listening to this joke of a man, let alone of a president?

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