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Fox’s Napolitano sees evidence to justify Trump impeachment

Fox’s Napolitano sees evidence to justify Trump impeachment

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said in an interview that he believes there could be ’three to four articles of impeachment’ against President Trump. ’The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have unearthed enough evidence’, Napolitano said outlining areas including bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors and obstruction of justice.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 7 months

What evidence? Why not demonstrate the evidence, if you think there is any? I'm far from knowledgeable on this but this bloke sounds like AOC to me.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months

Opinion isn't evidence.

porcus 7 months

Blahblahblah, Orange Man Bad, blahblahblah. No evidence, Shampeachment is continuing, and nobody cares. Democrats blew their wad prematurely after making everything up about Russian Collusion, Trump nudes, Steele Dossier, etc. Everything they have claimed has been falsified and the current Shampeachment is no exception. Sad to see Napolitano is an Orange Man Bad infectee.

Quenton 7 months

It’s gotta really rub your soft spots raw when State TV Fox host chooses the country over pushing a stupid right wing conservative agenda. I guess y’all folks catch the Rush and Glenn Beck shows before you catch up on what TYT reported. But hey at least there is Nikki Haley 👸🏻🤗

Pine 7 months

Correct, clearly supported by first hand direct evidence from multiple witnesses who have already testified at the hearings. So far undisputed that Trump did not care about corruption in Ukraine and specifically wanted Zelenskyy to only announce investigations into Bidens, Burisma and the already disproved 2016 crowdstrike conspiracy, in return for a meeting and those specific investigation announcements. Then after he trying to get this for Months he gets called out by the Whistleblower, and THAT SAME DAY calls it all off with Sondland!! Still waiting for the other first hand witnesses to testify to dispute this and defend Trump. (Mulvaney, Pompeo, Rudy, Bolton). Why wont they come defend Trump? They can't.

Unity.Nat 7 months

Where is the evidence

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 7 months

this guy is getting to the point he should be brought up on charges of sedition. he lays out no facts and tries to say that hearsay is evidence... it's a really good thing this moron is no longer on the bench

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Come on, this guy is just trolling us, right?!

Little Scar
Little Scar 7 months

Well he's wrong 💃

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