Tens of thousands march in France to protest femicide levels

Tens of thousands march in France to protest femicide levels

Thousands marched in Paris on Saturday calling for an end to gender violence and femicide. France has seen at least 116 women killed by current or former partners this year. A count by the Occurrence consultancy put the turnout in the French capital at 49,000. The Paris march was one of 30 organized throughout France.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 months

Feminists are selfish. If want to tackle the issue of domestic abuse hats off to you but you neglect the fact that men are also victims of domestic abuse. If you're going to protest against domestic abuse you should protest against domestic abuse amongst both genders and yes I use the word both implying that there are only two genders.

Seekster 3 months

Normal people call it murder.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 3 months

47 % of domestic violence is perpetrated by women. I am wholeheartedly in support of any efforts to address domestic violence but men and children are the victims of it as well. It’s not a subject to make capital for your narrative. Stopping family violence as we call it in New Zealand. I fail to see the point in dividing murder up into categories by victims age or gender who ranks the lowest?

Kramo 3 months

And what is that going to accomplish?

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 3 months

I'd take them seriously if they were marching against mass migration.

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