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Netflix is reportedly testing ’N-Plus’ service

Netflix is reportedly testing ’N-Plus’ service

Netflix has conducted a survey about a new potential service N-Plus. This service will help users find more contents on Netflix, such as playlists, behind-the-scenes clips and podcasts. N-Plus currently consists on a survey. When N-Plus starts to be used, subscribers can generate playlist of their favorite projects’ soundtracks, have much information about pre-productions.

Comp Tech
Comp Tech 0 months

Just get rid of the algorithm. It locks viewers in to the same kind of video over and over again. Makes it difficult to find anything different or new. It was better when viewers could give ratings rather than up or down.

cooldude 0 months

What is this? A premium for a premium? I’d understand if the original base was free but Netflix is already a PAID SUBSCRIPTION SITE! So do we now need to pay TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS JUST TO GET EVERYTHING!? I understand the premium offers on things like AnimeLab or PSN (PlayStation Network) because the base is free (true you need a device for that base which isn’t free like a computer or console but you can go without the two above free products) but giving premium offers on things that you already need to pay to access the base non premium stuff is getting ridiculous.

Tyreese 0 months

I got rid of my Netflix subscription as soon as it became obvious that every Netflix original pushed similar political themes. I prefer for my escapism to provide some...escape.

VanityCulture_ 0 months

Here come the ads!

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