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Putnam County standoff ends peacefully after 7-hour standoff

Putnam County standoff ends peacefully after 7-hour standoff

A Putnam County standoff ended peacefully Saturday, after a man barricaded himself inside a home for nearly seven hours before he finally surrendered. Police say it started when they went to speak with a 28-year-old man about a domestic incident involving his wife earlier in the day. The man kept posting live updates on social media that his rights were being violated.

Josh Peters
Josh Peters 8 months

follow march for our rights on Facebook. you can see what was happening from his side. it wasnt his wife that red flagged him. it was an army buddy. it wasn't domestic abuse. it was that he had a STANDARD 30 round magazine

Robert 8 months

Lots of conflicting information about this. Whether or not this guy is worth supporting, it is nice to see: -Quick dispersion information. -A quick armed response from pro-2A people. -Police feeling real pressure to back down. Motivational to know that you aren't alone dispite the media coverage that points to the opposite.

porcus 8 months

A single news article? And it's fairly different in context from what other comments here indicate really happened.

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