K-pop singer Goo Hara found dead aged 28

K-pop singer Goo Hara found dead aged 28

The K-pop singer Goo Hara has been found dead at her home in Seoul. The body of the 28-year-old was found early on Sunday evening. Police said they were trying to establish the cause of death. Goo’s death comes six months after her manager found her unconscious at her home, in what was described as an apparent suicide attempt.

porcus 6 months

Sounds like she needed to unplug from the internet instead of life. Once someone gets to that level of national attention you really got to not read the comments, you will never find anything good and uplifting in them.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 6 months

That's sad.

America 6 months

Seems like a sistemic problem of not intorducing your kids to the real world where bad things happen. People say things, horrible things. They win when you kill yourself. Sad. Here's a tip, start young, get a support group, a diverse support group. Not yes people or bobble heads. And bounce things off them like a sounding board. Love and support will pay dividends.

Little Scar
Little Scar 6 months

Suicide seems to be an epidemic in South Korea that nobody is addressing when the cause of it is plain as day.😟

Randall 6 months

It's those damn Russians at it again.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 months

Should have moved to Vancouver and taken up sailing. Suicide just is not a solution.

Erasmus 6 months

isnt this the 2nd one this year? from what i here, being a kpop star, and making iPhones in a factory in china is essentially the same thing.

Frederick 6 months

Wow, this is really sad. I feel bad for the family.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 6 months

Not Good

Erasmus 6 months


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