Adam Smith says ethics investigation into Nunes ’likely’

Adam Smith says ethics investigation into Nunes ’likely’

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith said Saturday that top House Intelligence Committee Republican Devin Nunes should face an ethics probe. This follows reports that Nunes met with a former Ukrainian prosecutor who is central to the impeachment inquiry. Earlier, an attorney for Lev Parnas said that Nunes met with the Ukrainian Prosecutor in an attempt to find dirt on Joe Biden.

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 3 months

Nunes had the audacity to call out Schiff and the House Dems. Now he must be investigated.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 months

Because he dared question Adam Schiff

Better dead than red
Better dead than red 3 months

Is anyone actually doing anything for the country anymore? Fuck all of them

Quantum Mechanic
Quantum Mechanic 3 months

They are all corrupt. 1. Take money out of politics (removing legalized bribery); 2. Place limits on the number of terms these suits can be in office for; and 3. Implement a moratorium as to when these suits can return to lobbying for private interests when they are out of office.

Paul C
Paul C 3 months

What we really need is an advanced AI that can investigate everyone all of the time.

Rage Against the Vagine
Rage Against the Vagine 3 months

it does drip with the appearance of corruption especially with this information, "Mr. Parnas learned through Nunes' investigator, Derek Harvey, that the Congressman had sequenced this trip to occur after the mid-term elections yet before Congress' return to session, so that Nunes would not have to disclose the trip details to his Democrat colleagues in Congress,"

Vic A
Vic A 3 months

Incredible that anyone who dares to investigate the corrupt stuff that Biden clearly did, and which he openly boasts about on video, is somehow a criminal. Can’t get any more Orwellian than that.

Irish Mike
Irish Mike 3 months

since when is it an ethical violation to talk to someone about corruption.. Nunes isn't running for president so they can't say he is digging up dirt on his political rival.. desperate!

Erasmus 3 months

who's gonna watch over his cow?

bobby_5150 3 months

Things are gonna get mighty interesting when the democrats lose the house next election.

Randall 3 months

It's those damn Russians at it again.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 3 months

I think they have this backwards this is based on bad reporting that they refuse to retract even with documents proving its false and are currently being sued for defamation

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