Trump defends himself after Sondland’s testimony in impeachment inquiry

Trump defends himself after Sondland’s testimony in impeachment inquiry

Claiming that he did not know United States Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland ’very well’, President Donald Trump on Monday fought back against Mr. Sondland’s testimony in the Ukraine impeachment inquiry. Mr. Trump tried to downplay his relationship with Mr. Sondland while interacting with reporters on Monday.

Paul C
Paul C 4 months

The lefty's want to believe that quid pro quo crap so badly. Sondland contradicted himself on that, so in reality there is nothing to "fight back" against.

Rocky 4 months

Nothing to fight, Sondland's testimony is a boon to Trump. It gave him everything he needed to slam dunk on Dems theories. As far as how well they know each other, it was Sondland's testimony again that says the exact same thing. I hope the Dems are stupid enough to pass articles. Can't wait to see Joe, Hunter, and Schiff testify about their involvement in the original scandal and Schiff's involvement in prepping the compliant prior to filing.

John 4 months

The press lie to me, my ears lie to me, my eyes lie to me. So glad I have Donald Trump to tell me what happened and the truth. Donold Trump would literally kill somebody infront of your eyes with the gun still smoking and you'd blame fake news, the liberals, the left the Dems..... Your own eyes and ears. 😂😂

Highlander 4 months

Sondland wrote a 23 page account which was nothing more than an opinion piece. It contained not one word of the actual conversation he had with Trump. When questions about that conversation he actually states that Trump wanted nothing from the Ukraine president except for him to do the right thing. To do what he actual ran on to weed out corruption. From this conversation Sondland understood what Trump wanted was the exact opposite of what Trump said. Exactly how did Sondland reach surmise that Teump want the opposite to what he said.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 4 months

Another grifter that bought an ambassador's spot, talked to Trump from a restaurant on an unsecured line is "unknown" to the prez. It is a running gag now.

Highlander 4 months

Schiff's worst nightmare would for this thing to be taken to a vote and for it to pass. If this happens the investigation will move to the senate and Schiff will no longer be in control. The Republican majority in the Senate will likely call for the whistle blower to testify. From here we will get to find out how much involvement Schiff has in the WB accusation. The Senate investigation will implicate Schiff in the recent corruption scandal in the Ukraine. We will get to know exactly how corrupt Schiff really is. The Senate will also pull in Joe and Hunter Biden. It will be the end of Joe's presidential run. We all know Joe is dirty. It could also result in Joe facing criminal charges.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 4 months

'I Want Nothing! I Want Nothing! I want No Quid Pro Quo!' 😂😂 Stay tuned for Act XXXVII, Scene 125 of this rolling shitshow that began 3 years ago!

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