Supreme Court rejects appeal from Adnan Syed

Supreme Court rejects appeal from Adnan Syed

The Supreme Court on Monday said it will not hear an appeal from Adnan Syed, convicted of first-degree murder for the killing of Hae Min Lee in 1999. The decision was announced in an order with no noted dissents. The 2000 murder conviction of Syed was the focus of the first season of the popular audio show ’Serial’. Syed is currently serving life in prison.

Iwoueven 4 months

I have no idea if he's innocent or not but his trial was a farce as far as I know (if you have evidence to contrary, please tell me because I'm genuinely curious). I'd be great if this case was reopened because I don't think we know what really happened to this poor girl, regardless of Sayeds guilt or innocence.

nate opgenorth
nate opgenorth 4 months

The Supreme Court of the US has a lot of business to take care of. 75 cases a year or so. I hate to be mean but they generally don’t really care if someone was on a podcast, they care about cases that are very unique and on rare occasions they will grant an appeal vacate it and remand it back to the lower court to deal with and basically say “you screwed up, fix it we don’t have time for this”. He has both state and federal post conviction relief aka habeas corpus. A state trial court will review the case and then a state intermediate appeals court will review it and then a state Supreme Court May review it and then you start all over with the federal system with a District court reviewing it and then a court of appeals reviewing it and if the Supreme Court of the US doesn’t want to then your lawyers have to think of other ways but state courts are perfectly capable of handling this. The Supreme Court of the US isn’t the answer to everything, especially given the limits of federal courts reviewing state decisions and what not.

Stal 4 months

The case has enough doubt to warrant a retrial. The guys been behind bars for 20 years. And there never was absolute evidence

Simone 4 months

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