Elizabeth Warren signals she’ll pick a woman as running mate

Elizabeth Warren signals she’ll pick a woman as running mate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday floated the possibility of selecting a woman as a running mate if she wins the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination in 2020. While saying it would be ’presumptuous’ to talk about running mates, Warren added, ’But I gotta say — why wouldn’t I have a woman for a running mate?’.

Paul C
Paul C 3 months

Fauchahontas should pick the most optimized identity political person she can find, so lesbian transgender black Asian woman that is blind and missing at least on limb. Being Jewish or Muslim would be icing in the cake.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 3 months

Wow, not one, but two vaginas? Stunning and brave.

Brian 3 months

Let me guess, Hillary!

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 3 months


Tin Ego
Tin Ego 3 months

When your ship is sinking , best not make anymore holes in it

Deimantas 3 months

How about someone qualified? What does someones genitalia have to do with running the country?

SimonR 3 months


Matthew 3 months

Awesome...of she wins we are guaranteed 4 straight years of passive aggressive comments.

bobby_5150 3 months

Does she have any more boxes that she could check, or has she filled them all already?

Rocky 3 months

No one cares. You will be utterly destroyed if you are picked as the nominee. You lied for preferential treatment in college. You were on the list of minority staff in a position partly granted on the lies that you were native American. Your policies are ill thought out and your fake in every other way.

Moogle Joestar
Moogle Joestar 3 months

WOW. So what you're saying is that you wouldn't pick a F2M transgender!? How disgusting, it's the current year, get with the times lady!! I'm so mad I accidentally assumed this native american's gender

John Wilson
John Wilson 3 months

can Burnie dress up as a native woman?

Innerparty 3 months


Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 months

Everyone wants Abrams

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