Pope to officialize immorality of nuke arms possession

Pope to officialize immorality of nuke arms possession

Pope Francis announced Tuesday he would declare the use and possession of nuclear weapons ’immoral’ in the Catholic Church’s official manual, a move that makes clear that his rejection of the Cold War-era doctrine of deterrence is to be official church policy. Francis had declared the possession of nuclear weapons immoral on Sunday in Hiroshima during an encounter with survivors of the atom bomb.

Little Scar
Little Scar 6 months

Might wanna make sure your house is in order before trying to fix the world, Mr. Pope. 🍻

User Inactive
User Inactive 6 months

From a pope that unapologetically broke the second commandment..

porcus 6 months

Say whatever you want while not holding any nukes, you can't make anyone change.

Tim S
Tim S 6 months

Nuclear deterrence is the reason why WW3 didn't happen.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 6 months


CommanderVaasDC 6 months

no one cares.

Seed 6 months

Nuclear weapons are not fun to detonate in terms of consequences, but Pope Francis' efforts are a bandage on a broken arm. The whole world is sick and in flames. The solution to nuclear weapons stockpiling is not a direct one by any means.

Justin 6 months

Good. Nuclear weapons aren't good and have the possibility of igniting a global conflict that can kill us all. Any pressure to denuclearize is a good thing and I don't get all these cynical idiots in the comments.

Havoc44 6 months

the church is dead. it's a sad time

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