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Double stabbing suspect had been granted early release through diversion program

Double stabbing suspect had been granted early release through diversion program

The man suspected of stabbing two Asian American women on a SF sidewalk had been reportedly released early from a 25-year prison sentence due to a criminal justice diversion program. Patrick Thompson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in 2017 and sent to a mental institution. He ’successfully’ completed a mental health diversion in August 2020. He attacked the women on May 4, 2021.

John W
John W 1 months

Get woke, get poked. 🔪 The Frisco people vote for this, so they have no reason to complain.

Strong Thought
Strong Thought 1 months

There seems to be an epidemic of black people attacking Asian people. I knew the community is very racist, but the level of violence surprises me. I guess it shouldn't, as the same community was attacking trans-women just a few years ago.

Patty 1 months

WTF is wrong with San Francisco and NYC letting crimeys out to murder again and again and again?

edwin 1 months

Death Wish 2 has some wonderful criticisms of the California criminal justice system, and they have had decades to roll down hill... Like a turd, in the wind.

MrLoseddos 1 months

It seems he didn't succeed in anything but being a mentally ill criminal. Unfortunately. Sad.

zJamz 1 months

Just a reminder that they are set to release thousands of violent felons in California

Erich 1 months

Mental illness is serious. Yet we treat it like a scratch or the common cold. Our remedies are sub par at best.

peeweeherman 1 months


bhp 1 months

Another L for Loser Democrats and they're moronic policies

RichieRamirez 1 months

A little stabby da brother

Ddddd 1 months

What, no coverage from CNN or even the LA Times? Oh, because the attacker is black. Nothing to see here...

Jon 1 months

I wonder what impact this willbhave on the SF Asian community.

Arthur 1 months

This is another reason people and businesses are leaving California in droves!

NeilT 1 months

Sympathy/empathy for the perp makes lollies look kind. In practice more people suffer.

Rocket 1 months

Another bad result from the CORRUPT PIECE of SH#T, Gavin Newsom🤡💩 trying to placate criminals an" "wo"e" DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, ANTIF& & BLM (BURN LOOT MURDER)! Many people in California are finally taking action by recalling the FUC#@NG MORON!!!

TheWeakMinded 1 months

I'm all for prisoner rehab programs to reduce sentences. Primarily for non violent crimes. But a 25yr sentence down to 3? The fuck?

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

The state of California everyone

Darren 1 months

Diversion program. I'd be laughing if it wasn't so serious.

Phoenix 1 months

Oh my gosh.

James 1 months

Liberal policies again. Look great and caring on paper. Gets you killed in the real world

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