Grandma, teen she accidentally invited, continue sharing Thanksgiving

Grandma, teen she accidentally invited, continue sharing Thanksgiving

While sending a message in 2016, intended to give her grandkids advance notice of Thanksgiving plans, Wanda Dench accidentally sent it to a high school student. After the two Arizona natives realized the mishap, Jamal Hinton asked Dench if he could attend the celebration. Dench replied, ’Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do...feed everyone’. They share the holiday together to this day.

Danny Parker
Danny Parker 3 months

Love seeing stories like this, and I'm absolutely certain there are MANY more out there, but, unfortunately, good news usually isn't profitable news... Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and have a great day to all others!

CGandG 3 months

Awww! Love this!! My mom was like this, inviting anyone who seemed lonely to her bountiful and delicious Thanksgiving dinners. Always expanding her “family.”

porcus 3 months

I like stories like this. It does happen more often than one would think.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 3 months

Man, that's so awesome to read about 😊😊

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 3 months

My family has a big thanksgiving in not the biggest house.34 people this year.But, we always have room for more.Year or two ago we had a woman from Canada, now we have I want to say 4 new people.

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