North Korea appears to have launched a missile, Japan says

North Korea appears to have launched a missile, Japan says

Japan said Thursday that North Korea had launched what appeared to be a missile, adding that it was monitoring where the projectile would land. The Japanese coastguard offered no further details. The incident follows the launch of two short-range projectiles by Pyongyang in late October.

J. C.
J. C. 4 months

whenever US and China have an issue that Beijing is mad about North Korea all of a sudden fires missiles. Kim is totally bitchmade. sad!

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 4 months

Why aren't we taking these out the moment they are launched?

Ali 4 months

Let's be honest. If a country fire atomic bomb toward its enemy, its answer is another atomic bomb from that enemy. So, any government will not use it, when it's counterparts have atomic bomb too. What Trump is doing, is exactly toward war. Im in middleeast. In this critical area, us put attacked to Iraq after 9/11 for attack to USA, 15 years later, they say it was from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is attacked Yemen 5 years ago and is killing women & child's with US & France weapons. Trump said Obama & Clinton made Isis, but USA was buying robbed oil from them and sell them warfars. After Isis, trump said we want oil from middleeast and we stay in Syria to avoid access of terrorists to oils. One day before attack of Syrian army to "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi", leader of Isis, US army show a picture of a exploded room and say that they killed Al-baghdadi and then Trump say we drop his corpse in see. International Atomic Energy Agency always proved that Irans atomic program is peaceful, but recently Isreal ( Pakistan & india) have lots of atomic bombs, but they even never assigned NPT. Middle East conflicts is very higher than other places in the world. Isn't what is happening in middleeast odd. In past two decades, usa spended 7 trillion dollars in middleeast. Why? The program is ISRAEL PROJECT. search Isreal project map in Google and you can see why iran & Israel had 4 decaded conflicts. The Israel want to own Middleeast, and they didn't care about killing people too. Just search in Google how many Palestinian were killed by Isreal army & vice-versa. All this bitter satire is that us is continuing cold war,oil is necessary resource for economy & us(that now have 23 trillion dollars crazy dept to the world) is can't compete anymore and every year us government print $500 billion and give it to other countries to keep us economy competitive.other countries accept it because dollar is a international money, but It can't solve us economy problems, us presidents just buy time and other countries are starting to use their local currencies. What Americans can do, when it's exports is just $3 trillion? Answer:war US trying to use India instead of China but India is more open than China, and they will start later but will growth faster & bigger, because they didn't need to reverse engineering or local versions of American companies. What about US? %52 of Fortune TOP 500 companies are made buy immigrants and guess what are more in us universities? Lots of Chinese & Indian scientists will back to their countries, and USA most pay it's debts. So sorry Americans your problem is in your behaviors, youre obest country in the world( and because of that, you are spend too much money on health(, you always spend whole of your money and also you have lots of debt(& mental stress) but we in asia work hard, but consume less than you. Your disrupting yourself, your family, your economy & the world. You can't continue this way because it didn't work, when you didn't have technological advantage & when most of engineers are in China, India, Russia, Iran, etc(

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 4 months

Are we still giving Trump the Nobel for all the progress made in North Korea? "Kim Jong Un is such a great guy."

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 4 months

"I saw it with me two own eyes" [read with britbong accent]

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