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EU Parliament declares climate ’emergency’

EU Parliament declares climate ’emergency’

European Union lawmakers, on Thursday, declared a ’climate emergency’ in a symbolic vote aimed at heightening pressure for action against global warming. After a debate on Monday, the EU legislature voted in favor of the declaration with 429 lawmakers for and 225 against. The move comes ahead of the UN summit in Spain on Dec. 2-13 aimed at finding urgent solutions.

Jason Culligan
Jason Culligan 8 months

Want to stop the output of crap into the atmosphere? How about slapping tariffs on all that mass produced Chinese crap that the EU seems obsessed with importing? Nah, far easier to tell me that I can't drive faster than 100km/h to cut CO2 emissions by 0.02%.

CGandG 8 months

Until India and China actually implement changes, Europe and U.S. need to stop wasting time and money on this. India and China are top polluters by exponential amounts.

Paul 8 months

Any context?

bobby_5150 8 months

Quick, get Greta.

Stal 8 months

Just how thrilled they seem in that pic that they've worked today

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