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Virginia counties make their stance on  unconstitutional gun laws known

Virginia counties make their stance on unconstitutional gun laws known

Virginia counties came out in force to make it clear they would not comply with unconstitutional firearm legislation. A majority of local sheriff’s made clear they would not enforce laws that disregarded the first and second amendment and seize law abiding citizens property without due process. Many counties are now being called ’2nd amendment sanctuaries’, joining with a growing trend in the US.

ConcealCarryProtect 9 months

I was proud of Missouri when they did something similar. They made a bill saying they will not follow any federal law such as red flag laws or confiscation laws or any law that infringes in the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms.

CGandG 9 months

“Democrat leaders have said the concept is unnecessary.” Of COURSE they would say this! In their headlong hurry to go socialist they do not want opposition!

IvoryDove 9 months

Unlike the "sanctuary cities" that refuse to enforce the fully constitutional laws regarding immigration, these counties are opposing unconstitutional laws being imposed by Democrats who hate our country.

Girthquake 9 months


August1776 9 months

why and how did someone attach that trump impeachment story to this?

Battery Salad
Battery Salad 9 months

Leftists will never be happy with any amount of incremental gun control. Their ultimate goal is repealing the 2nd amendment and banning civilian firearm ownership. Don’t give them an inch. Zero compromise.

porcus 9 months

Not sure this will actually accomplish the intention. Seems like the State might trump the County there?

Morbo 9 months

As someone who has never fired a gun and would never want to own one I applaud Americans in defending such important laws.

tenoclock 9 months


Seekster 9 months

I am conflicted on this. On the one hand I am sympathetic to those who are worried about potential violations of the 2nd amendment in the near future. On the other hand this is pretty close to nullification and so I have the same objection to this that I have to sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

Richard 9 months

True freedom

Frederick 9 months

Fucking amazing.

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 9 months

now if only gop cared about women as much as they care about guns.

Lauren from the left
Lauren from the left 9 months

What a lot of conservative snowflakes forget or don't know is the second amendment calls for a *WELL REGULATED* Malitia.... meaning gun laws ARE NOT unconstitutional. Dems, Libs, progressives ARE NOT trying to take all the guns except for maybe a few fringes but other then that literally all we are calling for is to prevent mentally ill a$$hats from obtaining firearms and murdering hundreds of people at events or tens of hundreds of KIDS AT SCHOOLS! I am not anti gun, but I will be damned if my kid has to worry about being KILLED AT SCHOOL on top of having to worry about making good grades while trying to be a kid. Idk if any conservative snowflakes remember being a kid, hindsight it was really easy but as a kid it is REALLY hard. Our kids SHOULD NOT have to worry about being murdered and all those snowflakes that don't think of our kids freedom to live while fighting for their "freedom" to own a damn assult rifle that should be used ONLY in the military because they were designed to kill other people! Kids have rights too and if kids are human beings as all the pro-life hypocrites claim then prove they are human by standing up for these kids rights. They have a right to LIFE, liberty and happiness just like adults over 18 does.

Brandon Huber
Brandon Huber 9 months

I don't think we should make gun reforms without gun reforming the police first, but we have to all admit that the 2nd amendment is an archaic mess written by latin worshippers. Scalia and the like have to reach so hard for it to fit their worldview.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 9 months

Moscow Mitch needs to go hunting with Cheney.

Husk 9 months

So Virginia is having a tantrum like a 4 year old because they lost republican majority. Basically saying "Fuck Democracy, fuck the will of the people, and fuck the law! We will do what we want" Something as simple as more thorough background checks and it full freakout with the slippery slope fallacy. And before everyone on the site call me a Libertard that "want's to take away our GUNZ!!!" I do support the 2nd amendment and think it is a vitally important aspect of America that deserves to be there. BUT! there needs to be better background checks so psychos can't get firearms, gun owners should be held accountable for what happens with their owned firearms, and Military grade weaponry should not be available to civilians without special exception (with the military being the ones determining what count as military grade instead of politicians trying to get political points).

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 9 months

Democrats are eager to take full advantage of their new-found power to pass progressive legislation, and have already filed bills to enact a higher minimum wage, make it easier to vote and put in place stronger gun control policies. Those damn dems want a higher minimum wage AND to control guns!? Why should I pay people more and try not to have semi automatic guns kill them? Go poverty and death! Amirite GOP?

CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 9 months

I'm a proud Canadian veteran who has a great deal of admiration for well crafted firearms. At the same time, I don't want the bonehead down the street owning one - particularly boneheads who don't understand what their own constitution intended! Get automatic weapons and pistols to the foundry!

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 9 months

Hello Based Dept?

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