Black Friday protesters blockade Amazon warehouse

Black Friday protesters blockade Amazon warehouse

Dozens of French activists blocked an entrance to an Amazon warehouse south of Paris to protest against the environmental impact of consumerism. Protesters formed a human chain and dumped old fridges and microwaves outside the Amazon depot on Thursday. The protesters aimed to disrupt Black Friday sales. Amazon said it respects the right to protest but accused activists of ’false allegations’.

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 6 months

So they protest consumerism and the damage to the environment, by dumping rubbish... WTF!?!

Sapper 6 months

Bloody french love a good riot. Start by demanding the root cause of your misery- the EU.

Kyle G
Kyle G 6 months

So how did they all get there? Did they walk?

Jason Culligan
Jason Culligan 6 months

What these idiots don't realise is that they've helped to significantly increase the output of CO2 in the area and increased fuel consumption by causing hours worth of unnecessary idle fuel consumption.

Meadwolf 6 months

Should prosecute them all for fly-tipping.

bobby_5150 6 months

Boomer here. What's fly tipping?

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 6 months

Protest in front of Walmart and see what happens. I believe they grossly underestimate the ferocity of a shopper wanting to get 75% off a 60inch flat-screen 😂😂

User Inactive
User Inactive 6 months

Fly-tipping (v.) the dumping of waste illegally.

tim 6 months

Stupid people

IvoryDove 6 months

I notice everyone at this "anti-consumerism" rally are wearing shoes, coats, belts, clothing that was mass produced and distributed through consumerism.

Dave 6 months

Can I order them an Amazon ass kicking on Prime?

npc8472 6 months

Mow them all down with the trucks used to bring them their groceries and every single product they buy.

Sir_Kutz 6 months

I’ll protest the protesters, I feel it’s brats leaving refrigerators and microwaves around are hurting the environment.

Seekster 6 months

And that France is an example of why your country is a joke.

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 months

Where did they get those cloths and back packs? Damn consumers.

Evolved Ape
Evolved Ape 6 months

God damn hippies...

IIZard 6 months

Fly tipping

EpochPrime 6 months

I have a plan to reduce impact on our environment Start installing cattle catchers on the front of vehicles and make it legal to drive through these people. This will reduce the strain on our system by: 1. Reducing the overall population, which these idiots are advocating. 2. Remove drains on our system by removing people that think protesting like this is a good use of their time. 3. Reduce the environmental damage cause by these protests. 4. Their bodies can be donated as fertilizer to feed people. It's a Win-Win for everyone. The cilmate cultest get to martyr themselves and serve their narrative. While everyone else doesn't have to deal with these idiots anymore.

npc8472 6 months

I'm with bobby...wth is ty flipping?

Binx1 6 months

OMG! if there upset about CO2, plants got us covered. plants breathe CO2, now! if your worried about CO2 dont use cars. they pollute more than anything. ciggerates are not nearly as bad as exhaust dust.

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