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Global effort to stop climate change ’inadequate’, UN chief says

Global effort to stop climate change ’inadequate’, UN chief says

UN chief Antonio Guterres warned that global warming could soon reach a ’point of no return’ and that efforts to curb the consequences of the climate crisis so far have been inadequate. Speaking before the start of a climate conference in Madrid, Guterres said that the world has the scientific knowledge and the technical means to limit global warming, but ’what is lacking is political will.’

porcus 9 months

It's like the governments of the world aren't members of the Climate Cult yet! I wonder why they are not "doing more"? :D

The Kosher Katfish
The Kosher Katfish 9 months

You know what you can fix in the short term? The oncoming global shortage of potable water. Look it up. This is gonna be a much bigger problem than climate change in a few years.

paddy 9 months

I don't see activist getting on china and Indias case...

Evolved Ape
Evolved Ape 9 months

The amount of uneducated idiocy surrounding climate change is astounding. It is real and man-made. What we do with that knowledge is something else entirely, but this is very real. Don’t forfeit this issue to the left.

roonil wazlib
roonil wazlib 9 months

this is an amazing video on actual information that the UN does not include in there studies.

Got Truth
Got Truth 9 months

The United Nations is the one who started the man made climate change hoax. “Utterly inadequate” translates to; give us your Nations sovereignty so we can rule you and the world under a One World Government.

Seekster 9 months

Maybe start building levees then? If nothing else it would create jobs.

..... 9 months

You want real climate reform? Ban China and their absolute lack of ecological consideration I guarantee you it will be cheaper and more effective than anything else we could possibly do

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 9 months

What's wrong? Can't stop the volcanoes around the world to cooperate?

James 9 months

UN needs disassembled

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