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Got Truth 1 weeks
United Nations is bent on a One World Government. Stop financing the UN. Man made climate Change is a hoax designed to gain power, nothing more. World is not ending due to climate change, and if it was, giving more power ether UN wouldn’t stop it anyway. This is a big UN lie. Globalism=Communism.
Platypus 1 weeks
You alright there? The UN isn’t some communist take over. If anything it renforces our stance on the world stage by opening up global trade. Globalism was made by the US after WW2. The Breton-Woods System made by the US supports globalism. The UN is based in NYC. We have the heaviest hand in the UN and it isn’t a shadow puppet scheme. The issues they strive to reduce or eliminate when solved will benefit all people of the world either directly or indirectly with trade and products. And if you only disagree with their climate agenda and want to leave it just because of that, you are ignoring the benefits we get by leading the UN as one of the five permanent leader states and as the creators and harbors of the organization.
Got Truth 1 weeks
Platypus, international trade has no reliance on the UN whatsoever. The UN is a Rockefeller creation after the League of Nations before WW2. The UN charter is near match to what the Soviet Union had. But the UN wants a western controlled communist government. The climate change conspiracy theory is used to creep in more control. I don’t see them as an asset to anyone.
Ben B. 1 weeks
Man made climate change is real, and it's not an accident, it's weather modification technology at HAARP. It sounds crazy, but it's real, research it.

Paul C 1 weeks
Bloomberg used to have that position? OK now I know it's a bunch of BS. Or malarkey as Slow Joe like to say.