’If you want me in this race, then I need help’, Booker pleads

’If you want me in this race, then I need help’, Booker pleads

Sen. Cory Booker, on Sunday, appealed to his supporters to help him stay in the race. Booker said his campaign ’is facing one of those moments that if you want me in this race, then I need help’. Booker stressed that there was no other candidate that has more endorsements than him from people who are on the ground in Iowa.

porcus 4 months

HaHa! No.

Seekster 4 months

Its almost like they don't want you in the race Spartacus.

WJ MacKENZIE 4 months

Nobody wants a traitor who actively aids illegal immigrants sneak across the border.

Paul C
Paul C 4 months

The fat lady is warming up in the wings on this campaign.

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 4 months

Nobody wants you, loser. Trump 2020!!

TheMadDane 4 months


ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

You need more than help.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 4 months

That foaming at the mouth jerk doesn't have what it takes to be President.

Minor_Complex 4 months

Gosh I really hate that for you...

O'Brien 4 months

All I can hear is Jeb Bush pleading “Please say ‘I’m Sparticus’”.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 4 months

Okay, so... what if I DON'T want you in this race?

Kramo 4 months

Secretly alluding to the Russians cough cough.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 4 months

** crickets **

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 4 months

Only a PHd in psychology can give him the help he needs

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 4 months

OK Booker

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