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Petri Fide 1 weeks
Seriously... WTF is wrong with people.
Daniel McEwen 1 weeks
Hey, Lefties, this is what a real Nazi looks like. Take it in, learn about it, figure out the difference between Nazis and people who disagree with you. Whoever put those out is seriously screwed up. I do believe in free speech but also that retailers are under no obligation to sell a product. This goes beyond poor taste. Thinking any group of people deserves to be massacred just isn't right. This is coming from someone who generally dislikes Islam.
Vytautas 1 weeks
I agree... Auschwitz museum? Collecting money from people for chance to see where thousands died? Shameful...
Occam's Chainsaw 1 weeks
Right...shameful...because one is preserving history with hopes of educating and preventing similar future atrocities, while the other seems to be celebrating those atrocities.

Jason J Mitchell 1 weeks
Who thought this was a good idea?