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Little Scar 1 weeks
Countdown starts to when it's vandalized by MAGA hats wearing white face saying "this is MAGA Country!"
Seekster 1 weeks
...and it turns out to be another Smollett.
Edward Williams 1 weeks
The two guys turned out to be from Kenya, lol. MAGA FOREVA, I guess 🤣 (credit goes to Aba & Preach)
Akira Kevin 1 weeks
Juicy Smolliet!

is it 2021 yet? 1 weeks
Just got done reading about the brave protesters in Hong Kong and then I am treated with this news celebrating one of American history’s most influential protesters. Thank you for your bravery, Rosa!
Akira Kevin 1 weeks
she was just a cranky, ungrateful lazy woman tho...
August1776 1 weeks
I'm gonna laugh so hard at you 21 when it is vandalized and you whine about that.. because I've got every screenshot you posted about the treatment of Confederate statues the other day.. and there is NO WAY after your previous statements you can honestly say anything bad about anybody doing anything they want to this statue.. but let me guess that logic only applies to views you agree with..
is it 2021 yet? 1 weeks
August, are you really comparing Rosa Parks to traitorous slavers? Do you support this statue of Rosa Parks?

Jason 1 weeks
Rosa Parks is an icon but Claudette Colvin is the real pioneer and braved the wrath. Rosa Parks sit in was staged.
Kyle G 1 weeks
What was so “pioneering” about it? What’s wrong with the back of the bus? Everyone I know prefers to sit in the back of the bus...that’s where the cool kids sit isn’t it?
Skeptic MOD 1 weeks
@kyle g. Fine if that's where you want to be. Not if it's where you are forced to be.
Kyle G 1 weeks
@Skeptic that’s true. All I’m saying is that people make it into a bigger deal than it was.

Kyle G 1 weeks
Edward Williams 1 weeks