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Jus Saying 1 weeks
I'm confused, she's speaking up cause Trump was mean to her.... did I miss something?
Panamanian 1 weeks
Because she's being bullied by the president of the United States Stop acting as if Trump is just some random guy to hold to lower standards than the town drunk.
Dana 1 weeks
I mean, that’s the entire reason Trump is obsessed with her. What’s the difference?
Jus Saying 1 weeks
How has trump bullied her? I haven't heard shit about this woman.

jason 1 weeks
whole lot of people bringing their baggage to the comments section.
Marion 1 weeks
At least here they can voice their opinions. Or do you want an authoritarian state where anyone with a different opinion isn't allowed to have that?
dan 1 weeks
1 comment before yours?
jason 1 weeks
…a whole lot of baggage.